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How Many Teeth Do Cats Have?

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You may find many pet cats consuming a lot of plant food when they are supplemented with dry cat food. Cats are natural carnivores and given their carnivorous nature, the teeth anatomy of cats is such that they are not adapted for chewing. Even the molars of cats do not do a good chewing job. They are naturally evolved to grind meat just like their canine counterparts; although dog’s molars do have grinding surfaces.

The cat teeth anatomy can often be compared to the human teeth anatomy. Just like human teeth, the tender kittens start their lives with deciduous milk teeth which later fall out and are replaced by permanent adult teeth as they grow up. A full-grown adult cat possesses 30 permanent cat teeth in total.

How Many Teeth Do Cats Have?

A cat has 30 adult teeth & 26 baby teeth, which are much lesser when compared to dogs (who have 42 & 28) and fewer than humans (who have 32 & 20). 

Deciduous Teeth

How many teeth does a cat have? The number of teeth a cat owns depends on its age. A young kitten would continue to have milk teeth unless the sets of adult teeth appear roughly by 6 or 7 months. During the baby stage, a cat has 26 deciduous or milk teeth, only four less than permanent adult teeth number.

Teeth Setup Of A Kitten

The newborn kittens are completely toothless, and the baby teeth start to appear by the 4th or 5th week. The kittens, however, do not grow any molar teeth and they are exclusive for adults. The kittens mainly have 2 upper and 2 lower canines, 6 upper premolars, 4 lower premolars and twelve incisors. They continue to work just fine for the kitten before they start falling out from three to four months.

Adult Teeth

Baby cats start to attain adult teeth by the age of 3 to 4 months and gain a full set of new adult teeth by approximately 6 months as a kitten matures faster than a human baby. In total, an adult cat has 30 teeth, with sets of premolars, molars, incisors and canines. At the start of the teething process, your kitty may experience some discomfort in the gum, can throw irritable behavior and may be reluctant to eat. To ease such a terrible time for your cat, you may consult the veterinarian who would give some favorable solutions to the problem.

Teeth Setup Of An Adult

In general, an adult cat is a proud owner of 30 permanent teeth to chop down its food finely. In all, adult cat teeth consist of ten premolars, four molars, four canines and twelve incisors to satisfy their carnivorous nature. Although cats possess almost an equal number of teeth like their human friends, their teeth functions are entirely different. Not blessed with strong chewing quality, they focus mostly on chopping and grinding, so be careful to watch your hands.

How To Determine A Cat’s Age By Cat Teeth?

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So is it paramount to know how many teeth do cats have? The answer is yes, as cats possess two different types of teeth set. One set is deciduous teeth which mainly consist of a set of 26 baby teeth that appear by the age of 2 to 4 weeks, and another is a set of permanent adult teeth that start to grow by the age of 3 or 4 months. A fully grown adult cat would have a beautiful set of 30 teeth in total.

Cats Teeth Are Adapted To Eating Meat

Contrary to other herbivorous animal’s teeth and human molars, cats don’t have the grinding molars to chew well the grains and vegetables. They have serrated, sharp molar teeth to tear tissues and muscles off the bones, cut them and swallow the food in chunks. Unlike their human companions, they don’t have the ability to move their jaws from side to side but can only push them up and down.

Cat’s Teeth Used For Grooming

The cute little incisors or the front teeth of cats mainly serve the purpose of grooming kits for the cats. Those tiny nibble teeth can catch the fleas that crawl over their fur and provide them nice snacks, for example. They are also helpful in removing mats off the fur and remove the stray plant elements from the fields.

Maintenance Of Cat Teeth – A Brief Regime

Yearly Checkup

Just like humans, these feline creatures do need too much dental care but need at least an annual visit to the veterinarian to check up on the dental health. Without proper and timely checkup, cats can suffer from severe dental issues.

Cleaning Routine

It’s not a very tough job to get used to the cleaning process of cat teeth. While adults are much more resistant to the dental cleaning routine, it is advisable that you don’t start very early when they are young. You can start off with using gauze or finger cot or can try out rubbing the kitty gum with tuna water using your finger to please them.

Good Eats

Diet is something which can be a deciding factor towards maintaining your kitty’s health. Give your cat a mix of dry and wet foods and change the type of meat to pamper its taste bud. Apart from fish, serve your cat a share of rabbit and beef.

Nice Bones to Chew On

Bones are perfect for the cats to eat as they pep up their predatory instinct. Bones help to rid of the tartar and keep their gums and teeth healthy. But take care to not treat your cat with bones of fish, chicken, or pork as they might splinter and harm cat teeth. Also, raw bones are better options than cooked ones.

Learning To Brush Cat Teeth

You may try to brush your cat’s teeth with cat toothpaste that comes in several flavors, a process which both you and your cat would enjoy. Don’t use human toothpaste as it contains fluoride that can make your cat seriously ill if ingested. Once your kitty gets used to the process of brushing teeth, you can use several other methods to keep its dental problems at bay.

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