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Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

So, why do cats sleep so much? Before we tell you the answer, here is a quick fact. The average number of hours that cats sleep is approximately fifteen hours per day. Some cats even sleep for twenty hours. 2/3 of a cat’s life is usually spent in sleeping. So if your cat is 9 years old, then this only means that it slept for 6 years of its life. You may always see cats sleeping everywhere and any time of the day.Why Do Cats Sleep So Much? Cats are categorized as crepuscular, meaning they are the most active in the twilight hours of dusk and dawn. They happen to lay down in the darker day-time and night-time hours. Cats might sleep in excess, but while they are awake, they make the most of the time.

Sleeping Cat

You may notice that your cat is very active especially during dusk and dawn. This only implies that usually they sleep during day time and they become most active when the twilight strikes. You might be surprised especially if you brought your first little kitty at homes. Because when you are asleep, your cat will not leave any minute that it won’t walk around and mess with your stuff, but that is only when you are asleep. You should not be shocked especially if your cat is already finished with its breakfast because while the world is busy with the life during the daytime, then your cat is also busy with its life in its dreamland.

The reason behind this is that this sleeping pattern had already been nature to cats. Even in the jungle, lions usually sleep in the morning and hunt at night. This is the same with all felines because they have this physiology of the predator. This means that they are created, and it is natural for them to hunt usually at night.

Even though cats had been domesticated for a long time already, their natural wild part would remain. You would still see cats hiding in the shadows and pouncing their prey without warning or even a whisper. This is what they conserve their energy for. Even though that you are only hunting for a catnip toy or you are hunting for preys at the jungle, this will require your cat too much energy. So all the energy that they reserve is for the stalking, climbing, running and pouncing.

Cats can also sleep with one eye open. Just like people, they can either have a deep sleep or a light sleep. If your cat is in a light sleep, meaning if he doses which usually take around fifteen minutes to thirty minutes, your cat’s position is perfect to immediately spring up whenever it feels that an enemy is approaching or something bad is about to happen. On the other hand, cats can also experience deep sleep.

During this moment, your cat suffers a quick brain movement. This deep sleep can only last for five minutes, and after that, your cat then goes back to dozing. And after the dozing, your cat will again experience the deep sleep, and this sleeping pattern will continue until your cat wakes up. Older cats and kittens have longer sleeping time compared to those cats with an average age.

Weather can also affect what your cat feels, just like humans. You should not be surprised that their behavior would change due to the weather. How they behave depends on their age, breed, health and temperament. But whatever they are, they have longer sleeping time if the weather tells them too. This is very much similar to humans; we tend to sleep more if we have a cold and rainy weather.

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

Cats are often referred to as crepuscular, meaning that they become more active and energetic when the twilight hours come, or during the dusk and dawn. During the darker time of the night or the time of the day, they choose to lay low. This is the time when the other predators are out looking for their prey.

Cats being active at night is not something that we should be surprised of, especially if we have kittens at our home. However, even though that they have this weird sleeping pattern, they are still highly sociable and adaptable. Meaning that– cats adjust their sleeping and waking pattern in a way that it could spend time with its master.

Also, it can improve the time that it is wide awake depending on the time or schedule that you feed the. This explains why domestic cats sleep more than those who are roaming outdoor.

The level of a cat’s interaction depends on its energy. So this means that it all depends on how long it slept, even though your cat is a mature feline or a spry kitten. If they want to have more energy, then they should sleep a lot to have their kitty battery recharged. But even though cats spend more time in sleeping, they surely make the most of their time when they are wide awake.

Cats always have that reputation of being highly aloof. And even though that we can’t prove it that much, this theory was fundamentally based on the fact that cats sleep so much especially during day time. According to other people, they even brand cats as lazy animals because they spend 2/3 of their life sleeping- which is far way too much. Calling cats as lazy animals is the farthest from the truth that we could ever get. Only people who don’t know about cats or don’t have any idea how they live would think that cats only rely on humans. They would believe that cats only wait for people to feed them and sleep afterward.

However, if you look carefully, especially to how they sleep and why they sleep so much, you will realize the reason for it all. You will have a new perspective about the efficiency of the cat’s sleeping pattern. You will understand that they need this kind of sleeping pattern because it is natural to them being a feline.

Now that you have read this article, you now know why cats act this way. It is now clear to you why sleeping cats are always seen scattered everywhere. Cats are excellent house pets, and it is now better that you understand the reason behind why is this happening.

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